We provide luxury diving for your personal yacht or charter business,
from recreational to rebreather diving. We can teach on board, or at our facility.
Equipment sales, service and rentals.

Learn why Proteus is a trusted partner in providing diving opportunities.

Bring the excitement of diving to your guests

Whether your guests are first time divers, newly certified, or highly skilled technical divers we are the only facility with full-time profes-
sional instructors ready to impart fun and adventure.
Learn what separates us from everyone else and why we are the industry leader. For more information regarding
our services, contact us at Diving@Proteus.com or fill out the form below.

Do you have any questions

Contact us and learn about what our dive professionals. Can offer your
yacht experience. We also have all the essential equipment, along with the specialty
items, compressors, take-fill installs – even local dive classes – from recreational to
technical – that begin weekly. We can even come to service your yacht anywhere in
the world. Let’s talk!


Your Onboard Diving Specialists

We come to you, ensuring your guests have a luxury diving experience they will not soon forget.

From one-on-one diving instructors, private diving guides, yacht itinerary planning, onboard dive consultation services – recreational to technical, and rental, service and sales of all equipment – we ensure we are your prestigious one-stop for all your luxury diving needs. For our international clientele, we can even travel to your location to ensure you have the very best diving expertise at your disposal.

Class Schedule

The following is a sample class schedule. Itinerary, training location,
class schedule may vary due to weather. Class generally starts
at 8:30 am, and finishes by 5:00 pm.